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Legal Psychology. Бакалавриат. Курс лекций

код 522172
Автор(ы): Крюкова Н.И.
Год издания: 2020 г.
ISBN: 978-5-4365-2806-9
Дисциплина: Психология
Издательство: Русайнс
Страниц: 80
Внешний вид: Обложка
Вид издания: Курс лекций
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Цена в ЭБС: 1000 руб.
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The course of lectures on legal psychology reflects the current level of studying the subject. Legal psychology studies the range of issues related to the training of highly qualified legal specialists who need to study the psychological aspects of a number of legal phenomena - lawmaking, crime prevention, conducting investigative activities and others). Psychological concepts influence criminal legal concepts (guilt, the identity of the criminal, the goals and motives of the crime). Also it could help us to solve the problem of how to make a psychological portrait of the participant of legal relations.
Legal Psychology. Бакалавриат. Курс лекций / Крюкова Н.И. - Москва: Русайнс, 2020. - 80 с.

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