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Role of the using innovative teaching methods to improve the efficiency of education (collection of international scientific articles) volume 1. (Аспирантура, Бакалавриат, Магистратура, Специалитет). Сборник статей.

код 692679
Год издания: 2024 г.
ISBN: 978-5-466-05265-7
Дисциплина: Педагогика
Издательство: Русайнс
Страниц: 248
Вид издания: Сборник статей
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Today, the reform of the education system is one of the most pressing issues. On the whole, first period of independence to the present day reform education system and prepared high ability specialist as one of the most important priorities of the state policy attention.
The head of state noted that the achievement of the noble goals - the country's future, the future of a free and prosperous life in the twenty-first century - all of them - occupy a special place in the international community, above all, a new generation, Its kind of people our children become.
Part of experts in the educational institutions to the development of educational institutions to attract national and foreign educational institutions, to exchange experience with their classes with educational material to understand and remember all kinds of innovative interactive techniques with.
High-quality teaching, modern and well-equipped classrooms. Remember the use of computer and video equipment, to provide students with the necessary tools to improve the quality of teaching and working with him to create the conditions for one of the most important tasks. Most importantly, the interest of the students in the process of reading, happened to be, new knowledge on the importance of hard work and responsibility. Therefore, higher education institutions, resulting in the learning process should be based on the following key principles: the students understand the psychological state of the; interested students with real-life problems; Theory and practice linking students and faculty; Students want to be able to work with the group and reach the creative level.
The new principles and new programs and achieved results based on certain criteria, which, in turn, the basis for teachers' professional knowledge to develop. Regardless of the scientific knowledge of teachers are teaching students to work with one of the most important principles.
Each educational institution of the Republic of fiber-optic communication is built only to information and education network connected to the information-resource centers. These students are required to use the information, videoconference, workshops, and distance learning and training for the establishment of multimedia classrooms, a large condition.
     This, in turn, the education system of the journey and the use of modern means of media and telecommunication service.
   High potential staff, in turn, teaching processes and pedagogical skills of teachers and teaching are directly related to the use of innovative technologies.
   In a word, belief, faith and moral qualities of a strong sense of national responsibility deeply rooted in the country with a young independent and sustainable development.
   This set of institutions of higher education teachers and students are currently doing research work on the reports. A collection of scientific materials, training teachers, and specialists will serve as a practical guide for businesses and organizations.
Role of the using innovative teaching methods to improve the efficiency of education (collection of international scientific articles) volume 1 : монография / ; под общ. ред. Н. Ф. Фарходжоновой.

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