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Strategic management. (Бакалавриат). (Магистратура). Методическое пособие

код 583658
Год издания: 2020 г.
ISBN: 978-5-4365-5251-4
Издательство: Русайнс
Страниц: 198
Внешний вид: Обложка
Вид издания: Методическое пособие
Оптовая цена: 639 руб.
Цена в ЭБС: 1000 руб.
The tutorial is devoted to the disclosure of the problems of planning and implementing strategies; bringing the resource potential (internal capabilities) of the firm in line with the chosen strategic position; designing special strategic management systems necessary for the successful actions of different organizations in a dynamic and unstable external environment; managing the process of implementing strategic innovations in the activities of firms and organizations.
The manual is intended for students of master's programs "Management", and can also be useful for practicing managers who want to get acquainted with a new direction of management and improve their skills.
Strategic management. (Бакалавриат). (Магистратура). Методическое пособие / Великороссов В.В., Балаханова Д.К., Сидоров М.Н., Максимов М.И., Сулимова Е.А., Генкин Е.В., Лошков Б.Д - Москва: Русайнс, 2020. - 198 с.