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Forensic Identification. (Бакалавриат, Специалитет). Монография.

код 514501
Автор(ы): Колдин В.Я.
Год издания: 2019 г.
ISBN: 978-5-4365-3442-8
Издательство: Русайнс
Страниц: 456
Вид издания: Монография
Оптовая цена: 799 руб.
Цена в ЭБС: 1000 руб.
Abstract. The issue of the identification of living persons, material objects, and complexes is one of the key problems during the administration of justice. It is relevant not only in the course of the operational search for criminals, but also in other cases – when establishing documents’ authenticity, the fact of kinship, harm and damage infliction mechanisms, causal connections, and other legal facts. The book’s layout implies a simplified search for special terms and other information related to the topic. There is a detailed bibliography, which reflects the emergence and development of the identification theory. The book is intended for persons who study legal professions and for practicing lawyers. It could prove useful for a wide readership.
Keywords: criminal identfication, search-identification activity, objects of identification, identification field, identification attributes.
Forensic Identification. (Бакалавриат, Специалитет). Монография. / Колдин В.Я. - Москва: Русайнс, 2019. - 456 с.

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