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Denine fisickie proces. World creations. (Бакалавриат). (Магистратура). (Специалитет). Монография

код 591861
Год издания: 2020 г.
ISBN: 978-5-4365-5790-8
Издательство: Русайнс
Страниц: 146
Вид издания: Монография
Оптовая цена: 639 руб.
In the work "Unified physical processes" the principles of constructing the "Theory of everything" are considered on the basis of the application of vortex structures that justify the unity of the world in the unity of physical processes that ensure its existence and evolution. The origin of the objects of the microworld (the atoms, elementary particles) and the macroworld (the Galaxy, the solar system, the planets, their evolution and the modern structure) are systematized and consistently examined. The work is well illustrated and covers the main aspects of this topic. In applications, examples of the use of the developed methodology for solving practical problems are presented.
This work is for teachers of postgraduate students and students, as well as readers interested in the issues of formation, structure and development of macro and micro-world objects.
Denine fisickie proces. World creations. (Бакалавриат). (Магистратура). (Специалитет). Монография / Гордеев С.И., Волошина В.Н. - Москва: Русайнс, 2020. - 146 с.

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